Dermatitis is a general term which refers to the inflammation of the skin. Typical symptoms are rash, itching, blisters and pustules that can crust over. A sensation of burning and tingling can also occur.

There are different types of dermatitis;

  • Atopic dermatitis- This is commonly known as eczema and usually develops in childhood.
  • Contact dermatitis- This occurs in response to contact with certain substances which becomes a trigger for the condition. This can be an irritant or allergan.
  • Occupational dermatitis-This occurs due to exposure to an agent within the workplace e.g chemicals used by hairdressers.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis- This affects areas of oily skin where sebaceous glands are present. e.g face, scalp and the inside of the ears.

Treating Dermatitis – Skin Revival Recommends

At Skin Revival we recommend a course of treatments with the Dermalux LED Phototherapy in conjunction with any medication prescribed by your GP to produce a combined, positive effect on skin healing.

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