Eczema is a broad term for many types of skin inflammation. The symptoms include itching, dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking and sometimes even bleeding of the scratched skin.

Eczema is believed to result from a genetic defect that results in the abnormality of the skin’s barrier function, possibly combined with an abnormal function of the immune system. People with eczema can often have a family history of the condition and outbreaks can be triggered by environmental irritants or allergens.

The goals for eczema treatment are to essentially prevent the itching, redness and inflammation which are associated with the condition.

Eczema – Skin Revival Recommends

We would recommend that an initial diagnosis and treatment plan be created by an individual’s GP, however the LED Phototherapy treatment at Skin Revival has produced some excellent results in soothing the symptoms of Eczema and Dermatitis.

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