Dermaroller FAQs

Derma Roller (Medical Skin Needling) Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose skin needling with the Medik8 Titanium Derma Roller?

Skin Needling is often chosen for its affordability and minimal. It is a non-invasive procedure and does not remove the surface of the skin.

Importantly, it is ideal for all skin types and can treat most areas of the body. Designed to optimise both comfort and results, the Medik8 Derma Roller’s titanium micro-needles are extremely sharp which encourages rapid healing but also minimises any pain.

Are there different types of Derma Roller?

The Derma Roller is manufactured by various companies. At Skin Revival, we currently use the Medik8 Derma Roller. This Derma Roller is manufactured with precision engineered titanium needles. It is a finer, more endurable design and causes less pain and irritation compared to ordinary stainless steel models. It is also gold plated to maintain sterility.

PLEASE NOTE: At Skin Revival we NEVER use a Derma Roller that has been used on a previous client. Each treatment is with a fresh, sterile and disposable Derma Roller system.

How does the Derma Roller treatment work?

The fundamental philosophy behind skin needling is the skin’s biological ability to restore its condition when trauma occurs. Very simply, as the Medik8 Titanium Derma Roller is rolled over the skin, it creates very small wounds which promote the growth of new collagen. Your wounds will have closed within 60 minutes yet the aesthetic effects of the fresh collagen production can last an entire year.

What are the visible benefits of derma roller treatments?

Micro Skin Needling is a safe and effective procedure and can produce some fantastic results. Generally, the skin has an improved texture and is more bright and radiant. There appears a marked improvement in wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. Overall the skin is firmer and more youthful.

How many derma roller treatments do I need?

At Skin Revival we always recommend a course of 3 skin needling sessions, 6 weeks apart for optimal effect. Skin needling procedures can be repeated without limit every 6 weeks. Even after the first session, clients begin to see improvements in their skin.

What can I expect after the derma roller treatment?

The downtime for Derma Roller treatments is approximately 48 hours. We would recommend that the procedure is not carried out the day before a special occasion or event. Common effects that will subside within 48 hours are; redness, swelling, stinging and itching, sensitivity to touch and tightness. After care advice would be provided by your aesthetic therapist.

How should I prepare for Derma Roller treatment and care for my skin afterwards?

A range of serums are available to help prepare your skin for your needling treatment. At Skin Revival we advice using the skin priming kit products between needling sessions and up to 3 months afterwards.

  • Immediately post treatment- Use of mineral makeup only if required.
  • 24 hours post treatment- Wash face with antiseptic solution or apply Chlorhexidine cream.
  • Between 24-48 hours- Use a mild antiseptic cleanser.
  • 48 hours and after- Continue with your normal skincare and makeup regime.

Is the Derma Roller procedure painful?

The procedure is virtually pain-free as a local anaesthetic would be applied to the area approximately 45 minutes prior to treatment. This has a localised numbing effect and makes the procedure comfortable.

Is there any reason why I cannot have Derma Roller treatments?

There are a few contraindications to having Derma Roller treatments. Always provide a detailed medical history including any over-the- counter medication you may be taking. Any concerns can be dealt with during the initial consultation with your aesthetic therapist who will then make an assessment for suitability of treatment.