Medik8 Skin Peel FAQs

What is the procedure for Medik8 peels?

The procedure generally takes 30 minutes. The area of skin to be treated will normally be cleansed before the solution is applied. The solution is applied in layers with the second layer being applied after the first layer has dried. After the layers have dried a post peel mask is applied and massaged into the skin.

Is a Medik8 peel painful?

A slight burning sensation maybe felt during the treatment and mother, a slight redness of the skin may develop which generally subsides after 12 hours.

At Skin Revival, we would recommend a session under the Dermalux (LED Phototherapy) machine after a Medik8 skin peel treatment. It is an excellent way of reducing redness and soothing the treated skin.

A day after the procedure, the skin feels smoother, tighter and looks rejuvenated.