Laser Hair Removal Price List

The prices for laser hair removal at Skin Revival are as follows.  Please note:  This is not IPL hair removal.  We only use real laser to achieve the best results in hair removal.

Area to be Treated Price per Treatment
Small Area (includes Upper Lip, Chin) £ 99
Medium Area (includes upper lip and chin combined, underarms, bikini line, shoulders, back of neck, beard) £ 119
Large Area (includes Full Back, Full Arms, Full Legs) £ 169

Please Note:  Price for ‘full body’ laser hair removal starts from £3000. The actual price will ultimately depend on the size of the areas being treated.

Men may need extra sessions of laser hair removal in comparison to women. The areas to be treated tend to be larger in size and hair density can differ.

Click here to read our laser hair removal frequently asked questions.

Click here for more information on laser hair removalFree Consultation for Laser Hair Removal

Please contact us to book your free consultation so we can advise you on the best course of treatment(s).  We look forward to hearing from you.